3rd Conference on Algebra and Coalgebra in Computer Science

September 6-10, 2009, Udine, Italy


Sunday 06.09.2009: CALCO jnr & CALCO tools, Palazzo Antonini

0900-1730: CALCO jnr, Palazzo Antonini (Sala Convegni)

0900-0915 Welcome: Furio Honsell (mayor of the city of Udine), Marina Lenisa, Monika Seisenberger
0915-1045 Session: Coalgebra, Categories
Alexandra Silva, Filippo Bonchi, Marcello Bonsangue, Jan Rutten: Quantitative Regular Behaviours
Hugo D. Macedo, Jose N. Oliveira: Matrices as Arrows
Giorgio Bacci, Davide Grohmann: On Decidability of Bigraphical Sorting
1045-1115 Break
1115-1245 Session: Term Rewriting, Operational Semantics
Svetlana Jaksic, Mariangiola Dezani-Ciancaglini, Silvia Ghilezan, Jovanka Pantovic: Types for Information Access Control in Xdpi Calculus
Jelena Ivetic: Regaining Confluence in lambdaGtz-Calculus
Mark J. New, Peter D. Mosses: Independent Typing Rules
1245-1430 Lunch: "Caffè Caucigh", via Gemona 36
1430-1600 Session: Modeling, Verification
Tony Modica: Formal Algebraic Modeling and Analysis of Communication Spaces
Phillip James, Markus Roggenbach: SAT-based Model Checking of Train Control Systems
Tom Harke: Verifying Separation for a Monadic Scheduler
1600-1630 Break
1630-1730 Session: Institutions
Fabrice Barbier: Modalities and Quantifiers in Institution Theory
Adis Hodzic, Magne Haveraaen: Software Institutions

1115-1715: CALCO tools, Palazzo Antonini (Aula 8)

1115-1245 Hans Zantema: A Tool proving Well-definedness of Streams by Termination
Dorel Lucanu, Eugen-Ioan Goriac, Georgiana Caltais, Grigore Rosu: CIRC: A Behavioral Verification Tool based on Circular Coinduction
1245-1430 Lunch: "Caffè Caucigh", via Gemona 36
1430-1600 Giorgio Bacci, Davide Grohmann, Marino Miculan: DBtk: a Toolkit for Directed Bigraphs
Leon Bendiksen, Peter Csaba Olveczky: The Priced-Timed Maude Tool
1600-1630 Break
1630-1715 Matthias Holzl, Grit Denker, Max Meier, Martin Wirsing: Constraint-Muse: A Soft-Constraint Based System for Music Therapy

Monday 07.09.2009: CALCO main conference, Udine castle (Salone del Parlamento)

0900-0915 Welcome: Furio Honsell (mayor of the city of Udine), Alfredo Antonini (deputy rector of Udine University), Angelo Montanari (head of the Department of Mathematics and Informatics, University of Udine), Andrzej Tarlecki, Alexander Kurz, Marina Lenisa
0915-1015 Session: Algebraic Effects and Recursive Equations (chair: Andrzej Tarlecki)
0915-1015 Invited talk
Gordon Plotkin: Adequacy for Infinitary Algebraic Effects
1015-1100 Break
1100-1200 Session: Algebraic Effects and Recursive Equations (chair: Till Mossakowski)
Robert Atkey: Algebras for Parameterised Monads
Jiri Adamek, Stefan Milius and Jiri Velebil: Semantics of higher-order recursion schemes
1200-1400 Welcome lunch, "Casa della Contadinanza", Udine castle
1400-1530 Session: Theory of Coalgebra (chair: Peter Gumm)
Ichiro Hasuo, Chris Heunen, Bart Jacobs and Ana Sokolova: Coalgebraic Components in a Many-Sorted Microcosm
Christian Kissig and Yde Venema: Complementation of Coalgebra Automata
Raul Leal and Clemens Kupke: Characterising Behavioural Equivalence: Three Sides of One Coin
1530-1600 Break
1600-1700 Session: Algebraic Effects and Recursive Equations (chair: Jiri Adamek)
Stefan Milius, Thorsten Palm and Daniel Schwencke: Complete Iterativity for Algebras with Effects
Sergey Goncharov, Lutz Schröder and Till Mossakowski: Kleene Monads: Handling Iteration in a Framework of Generic Effects

Tuesday 08.09.2009: CALCO main conference, Palazzo Antonini (Sala Convegni)

0900-1030 Session: Coinduction (chair: Jan Rutten)
0900-1000 Invited talk
Conor McBride: Let's See How Things Unfold: Reconciling the Infinite with the Intensional
1000-1030 Grigore Rosu and Dorel Lucanu: Circular Coinduction, A Proof Theoretical Foundation
1030-1100 Break
1100-1200 Session: Bisimulation (chair: Bartek Klin)
Andrei Popescu: Weak bisimilarity coalgebraically
Filippo Bonchi and Ugo Montanari: Coalgebraic Symbolic Semantics
1200-1400 Lunch, "Caffè Caucigh", via Gemona 36
1400-1530 Session: Bisimulation (chair: Ugo Montanari)
1400-1500 Invited talk
Prakash Panangaden: Approximating Labelled Markov Processes Again!
1500-1530 Sam Staton: Relating coalgebraic notions of bisimulation
1530-1600 Break
1600-1700 Session: Bisimulation (chair: Corina Cirstea)
Bart Jacobs and Ana Sokolova: Traces, Executions and Schedulers, Coalgebraically
Ignacio Fábregas, David Frutos Escrig and Miguel Palomino: Non-Strongly Stable Orders Also Define Interesting Simulation Relations
1700-1900 Steering Committee Meeting

Wednesday 09.09.2009: CALCO main conference, Palazzo Antonini (Sala Convegni)

0900-1030 Session: Stone Duality (chair: Alexander Kurz)
0900-1000 Invited talk
Mai Gehrke: Stone duality and the recognisable languages over an algebra
1000-1030 Nick Bezhanishvili and Mai Gehrke: Free Heyting algebras: revisited
1030-1100 Break
1100-1200 Session: Stone Duality (chair: Yde Venema)
Hans Bruun, Dion Coumans and Mai Gehrke: Distributive lattice-structured ontologies
Daniela Petrisan and M. Andrew Moshier: A Duality Theorem for Real C* Algebras
1200-1300 Session: Game Theory (chair: Yde Venema)
Furio Honsell and Marina Lenisa: Conway Games, coalgebraically
Dusko Pavlovic: A semantical approach to equilibria and rationality
1300-1430 Lunch: "Caffè Caucigh", via Gemona 36
1430-1930 Excursion: Cividale del Friuli
1930 Social Dinner: "Le Vigne di Zamò"

Thursday 10.09.2009: CALCO main conference & Symposium in honor of Peter Mosses, Palazzo del Torso (CISM)

09000-1200: CALCO main conference, Palazzo del Torso (CISM)

0900-1000 Session: Graph Transformation (chair: Dusko Pavlovic)
Paolo Baldan, Andrea Corradini, Tobias Heindel, Barbara König, Pawel Sobocinski: Unfolding Grammars in Adhesive Categories
Tobias Heindel and Pawel Sobocinski: Van Kampen colimits as bicolimits in Span
1000-1030 Break
1030-1200 Session: Software Development Techniques (chair: José Fiadeiro)
Sebastian S. Bauer and Rolf Hennicker: Views on Behaviour Protocols and Their Semantic Foundation
Fernando Orejas, Esther Guerra, Juan de Lara and Hartmut Ehrig: Correctness, Completeness and Termination of Pattern-Based Model-to-Model Transformation
Daniel Gaina, Kokichi Futatsugi and Kazuhiro Ogata: Constructor-based Institutions

1315-1830: Symposium in honor of Peter Mosses, Palazzo del Torso (CISM)

1315-1330 Opening:
Jens Palsberg
1330-1445 Session 1: (chair: Jose Luiz Fiadeiro)
13:30-13:55: David Watt, Action Semantics in Retrospect
13:55-14:20: Helene Kirchner, Component-based Security Policy Design with Colored Petri Nets
14:20-14:45: Mark van den Brand, Type Checking Evolving Languages with MSOS
1445-1515 Break
1515-1615 Session 2: (chair: Andrzej Tarlecki)
15:15-15:35: Martin Musicante, An implementation of Object-Oriented Action Semantics in Maude
15:35-15:55: Christiano Braga, A Constructive Semantics for Basic Aspect Constructs
15:55-16:15: Bartek Klin, Structural Operational Semantics for Weighted Transition Systems
1615-1635 Break
1635-1815 Session 3: (chair: Don Sannella)
Jose Meseguer, Order-Sorted Parameterization and Induction
17:00-17:25: Fernando Orejas, On the Specification and Verification of Model Transformations
17:25-17:50: Olivier Danvy, Towards Compatible and Interderivable Semantic Specifications for the Scheme Programming Language
17:50-18:15: Edward Hermann Haeusler, Action Algebras and Model Algebras in Denotational Semantics
1815-1830 Closing:
Peter Mosses
2000: Symposium dinner: "Casa della Contadinanza", Udine castle